SS Matai Wreck Snorkel Adventure

Guided Snorkel Tours - SS Matai Wreck Boiler Adventure

Join the crew from Muri Retreat for Guided Snorkel Tours. From Adventure to Finding Nemo cute...we got it all. 

SS Matai – 1916 Shipwreck Snorkel Tour - Intermediate to Advanced (click here for video link)

The Boiler - Matai Wreck | Avarua, Rarotonga

The SS Matai was a British cargo ship that was wrecked on Christmas Day in 1916 and is now part of the reef lining the Avarua Harbour in Rarotonga.

It is a fascinating place to snorkel and a unique experience while holidaying in Rarotonga.

In the right conditions, this snorkel adventure is one of the top 10 things to do when visiting Muri Retreat and Rarotonga.

Please note: This is not for beginners. Gain advice or join Simon when attempting to visit the Boiler at the Matai Wreck. Simon will pick the timing around the weather, tide and sea conditions. He adds safety equipment to ensure your safety while experiencing the thrill of open pacific ocean snorkelling.  

Historic Information;

The British cargo ship MAITAI SS was built in 1892 by C. S. Swan & Hunter, Wallsend as the Passenger/Cargo ship Miowera for the New Zealand & Australasian SS Co. Ltd. (Huddart). In 1908 she was renamed MAITAI SS for the Union Steamship Co of New Zealand. She was wrecked on South Reef, Avarue, Raratonga on December 25th, 1916, while on a voyage from San Francisco to Wellington. Read more at wrecksite:

Press article from New Zealand. 

Posted by Simon Drewery on February 26, 2023

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